iPad in Hand Mockup (PSD)

iPad in Hand Mockup (PSD)

This stunning iPad in Hand Mockup (PSD) is an invaluable resource for graphic designers. Crafted an designed by Margarita Ivanchikova, it showcases a black iPad set between a pair of hands in a top-view presentation, allowing you to easily and effectively display any illustration, presentation, or design in a beautiful and realistic way. This free resource was created with a photo from Moose, adding to its realism and making it useful for a wide range of projects.

To insert your ideas and illustrations, simply place the document into your desired position and place your images into the designated layers. The mockup also allows you to edit the background colors, allowing you to add more personality to your work and make it more unique. And when you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful image that will capture the attention of both clients and viewers.

This iPad in Hand Mockup (PSD) can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to present invitations, banners, posters, logos, and other illustrations. It can also be used to show off user interfaces, web designs and applications on a device that resembles the actual one. And if you’re feeling creative, you can come up with your own ways to make use of this great resource.

Ultimately, this iPad in Hand Mockup (PSD) is the perfect tool to display your projects and designs in a realistic and attractive way. It has a great level of detail and flexibility, allowing you to create a unique and engaging project with ease.

File PSD
License Free Private & Commercial Use
Compatible with Adobe Photoshop
File Included 1 PSD Mockup File
Free Download

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